Along with in recent years, the energy that is on the international market successively ups with original material price, every trade is as for each consumer, at the choice want to buy of product, all the big and small Mi loose ground to look for more high-efficiency, more is the product of economy energy and service, for example save an oily car more, save the air-conditioner of electricity more.Each brand factory house continuously emphasizes advantage and point that the oneself lord beats a product in the aspects of economize on energy in eachly greatly the exhibition with the medium the advertisement the report for catering to this kind of development trend, draw on more products that the customers adopt them.

Be well-known Zambello chapter shell chrome wheel gear box in the world, the effort and special features that is in the aspects of economize on energy drive also usually the customer and medium pay attention to.The Zambello chapter shell chrome is in this aspect again is how do?Extrude the wheel gear box that the machine use first, in the extrusion the machine play of, is the power which delivers a lord to extrude mobile dint electrical engineering and enlarge so a function role that it twists Ju.Wheel gear box of oneself also will not produce any power and motive, so more can be complete to deliver power and motive of electrical engineering motor, more can save the depletion of energy.Generally the domestic ground of wheel gear box, spread to move an efficiency invite in 75%~of 85%, be also point motor to cost 100 dollar electric power cost, after operation arouses a wheel gear box, but is pass by a wheel gear box to deliver kinetic energy to the Luo pole, only 75~85 dollars produces to extrude a product with the future life, other rmb 15~25 yuan then rub to convert into thermal energy, drive wheel gear box the depletion drop and become wasted.

Aim at this problem, the Zambello chapter shell chrome wheel gear box through development and design section more than 30 in the last years of aggressive is process part to use with development German high technology of grind and process the machine tool process and make grind of each wheel gear accuracy attain German standard DIN4 class.Thus, the wheel gear of the Zambello chapter shell chrome wheel gear box delivers an efficiency and can be up to 92% and attained the tallest standard in the aspects of lowering the economy energy of energy depletion.

Also is other to emphasize that the lord beats the wheel gear box of economy energy in the market, some products are to make use of extension expendable goods of service life, for example replace of lubricant the frequency make longer, attain so-called economy energy effect.But the expendable goods is in the wheel gear box the operation the usage the cost for one year, the comparison share is in fact very low, for want to save money of the bosses, so combine not exactly is the best choice.Domestic and international choice usage the Zambello chapter shell chrome wheel gear box of each big and well-known extrude machine the manufacturers, of so choose the product of one Zambello chapter shell chrome, all is because of chapter the wheel gear box of the shell chrome ignore on the effect, popularity and the credibility, is all second to none product in the world.After adopting the product of one Zambello , the machine quality of oneself can be shown promote of Zhao right away.For example, a certain produce a manufacturer, need factory premises for an hour of the volume of production be 5,000 tons and choose a purchase to use generally local wheel gear box assemble of extrusion machine, probably need to buy 8~9 production line equipmentses, then can attain need yield.And the factory have to also prepare to accept the opposite enough big factory premises space of 8~9 production lines and pipeline equipments.

But, if this produces a company to choose adoption the Zambello  wheel gear box of well-known extrude machine brand manufactory, at produce of quality and quantity up, all would be high to lead an original choice.Under the circumstance that same machine pedestal specification, probably 6~7 production lines can satisfy an original production need.So ignore is a factory premises space, or actual electric power and other energies that devotion cost when produce, will lower a lot, the land factory premises that is in now construction the cost be often creative Gao of under the environment, energy and cost that can save even badly now considerable, thus economize on energy of scope and definition more wide, also more actual.

Moreover is note Su machine realm, chapter the shell chrome wheel gear box notices an other wheel gear box an operator, will ascend to release to note Su machine the wheel gear box of the usage in this year's exhibition, is also for noting Su machine realm of economy energy application.BE pass by to more and early note Su machine, make use of the way that the motor arouses the whole hydraulic-pneumatic motive system, stress the ages of economy energy in the present, more and more behave to be criticized, hence developped a whole electricity type, oil an electricity type's etc. is diverse solution, among them chapter the shell chrome wheel gear box also with a hundred per cent OEMER Europe of the Italian manufacturing the Ma electrical engineering together releases and exclusively provide to note Su machine the electrical engineering wheel gear box of the usage combine and this kind of motive method includes a few advantages:

1. Whole models which give or get an electric shock a type are usually higher because of twisting Ju electrical engineering's cost, in the models of large and big productivity, will not become an options.But under the match for combine of our electrical engineerings wheel gear box, the large model can use us thus of combination method.

2. Crash the machine will compare with the whole electricity type usage to twist Ju motor more in brief when crash the machine appears to break down or needs to support to maintain and fast.

3. Compare with the originally pure hydraulic-pneumatic motor drive of note Su machine, is also an economy energy.In this year's PLAST 2015 Italian and international plastics rubber exposition up, chapter the shell chrome wheel gear box is also an initiative to release single stalk to twist Ju grade(density) to be up to a 18.5 Nms/cm 3 of together to parallel double the Luo poles wheel gear box.Zambello Sir said, "this wheel gear box which represents us leads industry forever, constantly emphasize like us and the Zambello  wheel gear box is the product that can trust the owner."