Twin-Screw Gearbox

SZseries stock gear boxreducer for twin screw


SZ series manufactured strictly accoring to standard of JB/T9095.1-1999consists of reducer and distributor . It is the special-purpose product of the conical twin screw extruder.


1. the gear of the reducer is high strength alloy steel, carburizing steel. Processed by carburiztion ,quenching and gear grinding, the gear can reach-6-grade . The gear enjoys both high hardness with HRC58-62 and low nouse when operating.


2. the gearbox's small cone angle of helical gear is made by high quality alloy steel. After grinding by CNC gear hobbing machine, the gear will be carburized, quenched to make sure high precision and hardness.


3.Ductile cast iron case and high strength aligning thrust roller bearings makes the item prform steadily and bear large axial thrust.


4. Equipped with cooling system , the reducer and distributor can run safety.


5.exquisite craftsmanship of cutting makes the item in grear shape.Our factory also can design according to customers' requirement besides our avaliable specification.