PE tube supplies water machine

PE tube supplies water

PE coal gas supply water a tube a material production line an equipments
Take care of a material brief introduction: HDPE big caliber Ran spirit/supply water HDPE that take care of production line's production big caliber Ran spirit/supply water the tube have really fine degree of hardness with gentle, heat-proof, bear aging, machine strength Gao, bear environment to open crack in response to the dint, bear Ru to change sex, hot allied connect etc. characteristics.So they have become the city suburb Ran spirit to transport to choose a product with head of supply water the tube, play a count for much role in the city Ran the spirit and the water supply the piping system.
Production line characteristics: HDPE big caliber Ran spirit/supply water tube production line is the limited company of the moxa Si Man machine to pass to absorb recently advanced technique but development of new tube material production line, suitable for PE, PP, PB, PERT, the high-speed extrusion of ABS etc. raw material.That production line has beautiful external appearance and automate degree Gao and production to stabilize credibility etc. characteristics.That production line is deeply welcome among the large customer, is the best choice which replaces the forerunner's importing production line.
High speed's efficiently extruding a single Luo pole to extrude machine is specialized in order to extrude PE raw material but design, provided with low noise breeze machine, high-speed hard tooth face deceleration box.Take to have oil the cold system of special openned slot to add to anticipate a set to raise compressibility, increased to fill sex, raised to extrude quantity thus.The Luo pole special design of high yield, the low temperature melt, good petrochemistry effect, economize on energy effective.
Spiral reposition of redundant personnel type's extruding a molding tool is specialized in order to extrude PE raw material but design, special of low pressure flowed a spiral type or blue type molding tool design to promise PE tube of the extrusion of the low temperature high petrochemistry, molding tool Xin the department spiral temperature control of special design promised PE tube of good function; Aim at different raw material, many layer totally pushes a molding tool to have the 1 F structure cost low, flexible and low characteristics.That molding tool easily regulates with even extruded a characteristics to promise meltdown pressure and discharge of even, tube material external appearance of even and smooth.
Marking line: Take care of material marking line is extruded machine by a the set small single Luo pole to pass compound molding tool to extrude.
The vacuum settles path water tank: Provide with two class vacuum system(is a big caliber tube material), the forerunner's water circle, high pressure cooling system, the vacuum regulates the water temperature water level of equip and precision to automatically control system.The tin bronze of precision settles a path set to have tube material to cool off speed quickly and the already set wait a characteristics quickly.The material of that water tank is mainly a stainless steel.
Spray to pour to cool off water tank:Long cooling system promised an efficiently cool off of the tube material, the special piping system shortenned to cool off length.The material of that water tank is mainly a stainless steel.
Lead machine: Special whole spread to move device to avoid to independently spread dynamically not synchronization, different control method promised the fixed position definite direction of vivid precision, the pressure of precision regulated system and can regulate to lead dint.That equipments has special structure with vivid operability and change the Pin electrical engineering can regulate that lead of equipments speed.
Incise machine: Vivid pressure when the whole liquidses which incise machine pressed a design to promise to incise, saw a slice of position with incise depth of vivid regulate.The special power importation system promised the planet incise of credibility.The low noise strong dint absorbs scraps system with special of have no scraps to incise device can promise have no the scraps incise the 16 mm mms-315s tube material.
Control system: Adopt a plastics machine most one of the forerunner's control systems-The PLC controls system, this promised the high quality of the equipments extrude. PLC control system promised high speed extrusion and high accuracy, vivid control connect net function.the intelligence turn a control to make that production line to very easily operate.
A, the PE takes care of a material production line process:
The raw material color mother anticipate →mixture →the vacuum up anticipates →raw material dry →single Luo pole extrude machine →four color line extrude machine →basket type or spiral molding tool →settle path set →spray to pour vacuum already set a box →spray to pour vacuum already set a box →spray to pour cooling water tank →spray to pour cooling water tank →the color take to print word machine →the track type lead machine →the planet incise machine →tube the material heap put →finished product examination packing
Two, the PE takes care of a material production line a characteristics:
1. The PE tube material production line chooses appropriation HDPE of use our company, the PP tube efficiently extrude of the material machine, the Luo pole adoption takes natural cover and mixs Lian head structure, machine tube adoption new open a slot machine tube, petrochemistry with mix Lian a small fruit like, the extrusion have great capacity and very stable.
2. The PE tube material production line is a HDPE, PP big caliber thick wall tube material design of spiral type mold head, the mold's head has Rong body temperature a degree low, mixture function good, mold chamber the pressure be low and produce a stable characteristics.
3. The PE tube material production line adoption particularly has to technically settle path and cooling system, adopt the cooling of water film lubricate and water wreath type, with orientation HDPE, the request of PP material, insure high speed to produce a thick wall tube is the stability of diameter and circle degree.
4. The PE tube material production line adopts a specialized design of many segment control
The vacuum which makes a vacuum settles a path box, assurance HDPE, PP tube the size of the material stabilize and circle degree.Extrude machine, lead the machine adoption import famous brand to adjust soon a machine to move with control, stability good, accuracy Gao, dependable sex Gao.
5. The PE tube material production line's circulating in time is carried on procedure by the PLC to turn a control, the constitution contains good man-machine interface, and all craft parameters all can hold to carry on constitution and show through a touch.Can assemble marking line appropriation extrusion machine, the production matches a nation standard to request of take a color mark the tube material of the line.
Three, the PE tube material main technique parameter:
Model number Take care of material diameter Host The biggest yield Pack machine power
PE63 20mm-63mm SJ60/33 150KG 160KW
PE110 20mm-110mm SJ60/33 150KG 160KW
PE160 50mm-160mm SJ75/33 350KG 235KW
PE250 75mm-250mm SJ75/33 350KG 255KW
PE315 90mm-315mm SJ75/33 350KG 270KW
PE450 160mm-450mm SJ90/33 550KG 320KW
PE630 315mm-630mm SJ120/33 850KG 570KW
PE800 400mm-800mm SJ120/33 850KG 608KW
PE1000 630mm-1000mm SJZ150/33 1300KG 750KW
PE1200 710mm-1200mm SJZ150/33 1300KG 800KW
Four, the PE takes care of a material product introduction:
PE water pipe with the appropriation gather ethylene for the original material be extruded machine an extrusion to model by plastics, apply a net at the town water pipe and the irrigation leads water engineering and agriculture to spray to infuse engineering, specially be applicable to acid-proof alkali and bear the plastics of decay the environment tube material.Because the PE piping adopts hot Rong, give or get an electric shock a hot Rong conjunction, the integral whole which carries out to connect and tube material turn, and can effectively resist the wreath of pressure creation to in response to the dint and the stalk to of the anti- be blunt in response to the dint, and the PE take care of a material not to add the heavy metals salt stability and the material isn't poisonous, don't knot dirt, don't stir up a germ and avoided two pollutions of drinking.
Take care of material standard
  The PE tube material production line that the moxa Si Man produce does the PE water pipe material of to press the national standard GB/T13663-2000 《 water supplies use to gather an ethylene(PE) tube a material 》of request the examination that the organization produce.
Take care of a material color
The PE tube material production line that the moxa Si Man produce requests a color mark according to the customer the line can provide 2 or 4, the PE water pipe material color mark the line concretely wants to physically use a circumstance according to the customer for the black and blue color.
Five, the PE takes care of material function a characteristics:
1. Not poisonous hygiene:Take care of a material material not poisonous belong to a green building materials, don't decay, don't knot dirt.
2. Bear corrosion:Gather the ethylene is a sloth material, in addition to a handful of strong oxidizing agents, can bear various erosion that the chemistries lie quality, the Mayday chemistry decay, don't need an antisepsis layer.
3. Conjunction convenience:Gather ethylene piping to mainly adopt hot Rong conjunction and electricity Rong to link, make piping system integral whole to turn.Have goodly ability of bear the water hammer pressure, with tube the material integral whole turn of weld to deal with contact and gather an ethylene tube to underground sport and carry to carry a lotus of valid resist ability, consumedly raised the safe and dependable for supply water, raise aqueous utilization.
4. Flow Zu small:Gather the ethylene absolute rough coefficient of wall inside the water pipe not over 0.01, can effectively lower to supply water depletion.
5. High tenacity:Gathering ethylene water supply piping is a kind of tube material of high tenacity, it splits an elongation rate generally more than 500% and sink the orientation ability for decline to the tube Ji asymmetry very strong, is a kind of piping with good anti-vibration ability.
6. Goodly round sex:Gather the ethylene take care of of round sex to make to gather ethylene water pipe can supply by longer length with the dish office file, avoided in great quantities dealing with contact with tube piece, increased that material's economic value toward pipeline.
7. The service life is long:Gather the piping safe service life of the ethylene pressure is above for 50 years.
Six, the PE tube material applies realm:
1. The town supplies water system
2. Food, the chemical engineering realm transports system
3. Mineral sand, the mud transports system
4. The park is green to turn a tube net
5. Displacement cement tube, the iron casting take care of and steel pipe
PE80, the PE100 takes care of material raw material characteristic
PE80, the PE100 is the foundation resin that the production accepts to press plastics piping and particularly the PE100 be a domestic and international high pressure to press to uniquely gather ethylene card number in the strong piping Class currently, can be extensively used for accepting to press pipe line, Ran windpipe and various industry to use a tube.The PE100 has an excellent Rong body mobility, bear to wait sex and long-term stability, make it as the raw material produce of accept and press the piping is in the 8.0 MPas, under 20 ℃ conditions can promise 50 year service life.In the meantime it the outstanding anti- quickly opens the crack extension and anti- slowly and soon open crack growth function, and economical material, economize energy to wait an outstanding advantage, match nowadays the request of environmental protection and economy energy, deeply be subjected to market and the customer's favor.Can say, the PE100 is , in the high performance piping's appropriation that anticipate realm of lead, represent a national high pressure to press the technique level that the strong piping produce.
A, accept characteristic of press the foundation resin of the plastics piping
PE tube according to produce gather of piping ethylene original material a dissimilarity, generally can is divided into 3:Generation, the PE of the PE63 following grade in equal  to now takes care of material;The next generation, the PE80 class PE in equal  to now takes care of material;The third generation, namely the function more excellent PE100 take care of material.Currently, it is international to ascend not a few large petroleum chemical engineering and the business enterprise has already mass-produced PE100 class tube material, and developped the fourth generation PE a tube the material PE125 again in recent years, but hadn't got into industrialization production.
The second, the third administered on behalf of a material to use PE to not only show Zhao to increase long-term strength, but also raise to bear environment to open crack in response to the dint etc. function.Can reduce wall under the pressure of same usage thick, the increment transports to cut noodles and the exaltation transports ability.Because the economic performance is obvious, can apply to diameter bigger, use the environment worse situation.(like low temperature region, bottom of sea)The applied realm therefore accepted to press a PE tube is very vast.
Accept foundation resin of press the plastics piping, gather the ethylene material PE100 such as the third generation is particular 2 dollars to distribute piping resin, its structure characteristics is to finely control molecular weight to distribute and constitute to distribute, high molecular weight class cent and low molecular weight class cent be each to share invite half.High molecular weight class cent implies to totally gather a single body, born in great quantities slice crystal connect of conjunction member, provided very high and long-term strength with quickly open the crack crack growth resistance.Molecular weight low cent all gathers a thing and promised the resin has a high crystallinity with rigid, meltdown have inside process a function of help, make the body of PE Rong at Gao of shear and slice rate is low sticky degree, providing thus so can process sex.This resin can used for 250 mm diameter, the high pressure Ran windpipe or 500 mm diameter, high pressure water pipe.
Two, local PE80, develop of the PE100 tube material and market present condition
(A)Local market present condition
In recent years, the our country gathers the ethylene tube material development quickly, but its appropriation anticipate of development can not keep up with a step that take care of material's production, and opposite Zhi empress.Currently, although ushered in from the abroad a few production lines also start produce the gather of PE80 and PE100 grades ethylene tube material, still exist card number not and together, the phenomenon of the specification unqualified set, want to import a great deal of appropriation resin annually.The PE80 above grade gathers an ethylene tube, the material wants to import tens of thousands tons annually above, Be mainly used for making Ran windpipe, various water pipe material etc. pressure piping system.The water pipe also hasn't a few business enterprises to anticipate with better domestic tube material appropriation now, as above sea petrochemical YGH041 T(PE100), together Lu petrochemical DGDB2480 H, the Yan turn of 6100 Ms and the gold thin TR480
(Two)Local PE80, the PE100 tube material develop
The card number that Shanghai is petrochemical to adopt "north star double Feng" of the North Europe chemical engineering technique to produce is a YGH051 T(PE80)(MFR0.75, density 0.94), the YGH041 Ts(PE100)(MFR 0.4, density 0.949) Gao additional be worth black piping to anticipate, filled up local blank, and passed test in Sweden nation and authenticate and press the ISO9080 the standards carry on of the attestation of the PE100 long-term function.This symbolized domestic PE100 to gather ethylene piping's appropriation to anticipate to acquire international"pass" for the very first time, in the meantime body now the our country accept huge breakthrough of press the piping PE technique realm of the foundation resin.
The Yang son petrochemical institute for research also released the ethylene tube material appropriation of the gather of high performance to anticipate in recent years, and Be experimented to achieve success by industrialization, its function basically comes to a the level of PE100.The structure of this material distributes for the double Feng molecular weight, make the resin have really fine physical function thus, attain anti- Ru to change sex and bear cracked with good process sex of perfect combine.
The HDPE6100 tube material appropriation that the Yan mountain petrochemical company develops in 2001 anticipate, already pass medium petrochemical authenticate, it belongs to a hollow crowded Su product.Moreover that company produce of high-quality tube material appropriation's anticipating the HDPE 6380 Ms be the double Feng molecular weight that the domestic developped at the earliest stage to distribute of high grade tube material, the function attained a PE80 tube the request of the material.
The domestic tube material appropriation anticipates card number in, together the Lu petrochemical DMD2480 be better low-pressure Ran windpipe appropriation to anticipate, the function equal  to PE80.The DMD2480 has a higher Rong body strength, the anti- tears to pieces strength to open crack function(1500 hs above) with goodly bear environment in response to the dint and process function good, product external appearance is neat, sheen good, joint, set stanza quality Gao.In 2005, together the Lu petrochemical company plastics factory and resin graduate school cooperate the personal Xi of development production to totally get together Hs and DGDB2480 of the ethylene tube material DGDB2480 HBKs and passed international uthority a tube BODYCOTE laboratory in Sweden of the certificate authority of the material grade recently of the PE100 grade attestation.
(Three)The domestic is familiar importing PE80, the PE100 tube material card number and characteristic
The domestic is familiar importing PE80, PE100 tube material card the number have:Big Han2 You2 turns PE100-P600, the BL PE80-P301 of the PE100-P600 EBL, PE80-P601 KUBL, PE80-P502 BL, France give thin Na company PE100-XS10 Bs, set Su 8001, Korean LG PD0100, table 1 listed domestic familiar import PE80, the PE100 piping appropriation anticipates card number.
Form one domestic be familiar importing the HDPE(MDPE) piping's appropriation anticipate card number
Name Specification Produce a factory house
The PE80 yellow Ran spirit anticipate MD20YW British BP company Malaysia cent factory
The PE80 yellow Ran spirit anticipate ME2421 Chemical engineering company in the North Europe
The PE80 black Ran spirit anticipate MD20BK British BP company Malaysia cent factory
The PE80 black double Feng anticipate ME3440 Chemical engineering company in the North Europe
The PE80 black Ran spirit anticipate TR418-BLP Korean Talin company
The PE100 black double Feng anticipate HE3490LS Chemical engineering company in the North Europe
PE80 pipe lines anticipate PH150 Korean modern company
PE80 pipe lines anticipate P301 E(white) Big Han2 You2 turns a company
PE80 pipe lines anticipate P301E-BL Big Han2 You2 turns a company
PE100 pipe lines anticipate P600BL Big Han2 You2 turns a company
PE100 pipe lines anticipate P110A Three star companies in the Korea
Three, abroad new tube the material develop a dynamic state
(A)The Atofin company asks for help from its proprietary double wreaths tubes a craft, developped a representative the fourth to administer on behalf of the new product of material resin, this kind of new double Feng ethylene-personal Xi's totally gathering thing household a generation product is called FinatheneXS10, the its Rong body flows the velocity(MFR) as 0.3 gs/10 mins, density is(0.950~0.959) g/cm 3.Experiment expresses that the new resin is on the physical function more than all third generation resins, have to outstandingly bear slowly and soon a crack growth and bear to quickly open crack to expand function, and is the first patience exceed the personal Xi totally gather to gather Xi material in the density of high definition material.Use the personal Xi replaces traditional D Xi to do to totally gather a single body and make the FinatheneXS10 have more even extrusion function than the general PE100.
(Two)The Solvay gathers the alkene European company
The Solvay gathers the alkene European company in released new Eltex TUX100 of the card number ―― of the pressure PE100 used in tube recently, hand over allied HDPE compound for the high performance.This kind of material just for takes care of a material but development and be suitable for to do under the special condition of air allotment tube, transport petroleum product, liquid chemicals and hot water.The EltexTUX100 can use to produce PE100 the standard equipments of the tubes to carry on process.Solvay calls that card number to have more excellent function than the PE100, concrete performance is:The bottom of the heat has higher pressure strength, better bear causticity and bear chemistry character;Very and highly bear to slowly and soon open crack function, better bear a fast crack growth;Higherly bear to wear away sex and nick.
(Three)Three stars in general use chemicals company in the Korea
Three stars in general use chemicals company in the Korea successfully developped to have high strength in 2005, Gao Nai4 press of the HDPE new material, and obtained the international attestation of PE112.That material is the double which uses to establish to respond that the Fu craft produce of and produce the HDPE of from here can produce a lot of Fu knot member in the quality part of Gao Mo2 Er3, so it is slowly and soon bear Ru to change sex and bear to open an of split the function and can get better balance and still kept to goodly process function in the meantime.PE112 compared with existing double the Feng PE100s can bear higher work pressure, can lower tube wall thickness thus.Make into same diameter, the piping of same work pressure, PE112 wallses' aring thick can reduce thin 10% than the PE100.The Rong body strength of PE112 exceeds PE100, and can model the method production diameter larger piping but don't appear tube wall Rong to hang with the extrusion.While using to note Su to model the method production tube piece, it processes function similar to PE100.Use this kind of new material can make into the biggest diameter as Gao Nai4 Ya's tube with 1600 mms.
(Four)Other companies
Boreali, Solvay and Fina etc. company are administering on behalf of the material resin PE125 in the development fourth, this is to hand over through a PE allied realization, it can make the PE take care of just under the wall very thin circumstance bear higher pressure.But hand over allied PE a tube the cost of the material currently ratio traditional PE tube the cost be high about 500%, only be a production technique to improve further, its cost just probably lower.
Four, end language
Strongly expand application chemistry building materials along with the government in recent years, in the applications of hot Su pressure tube of a lot of realms all fly soon of development.Anticipate 2007 domestic tube material consume the growth order to primarily focused on extend the drain pipe in the residence, building water pipe, the city coal gas provides windpipe, village supply water of plastics tube etc..Along with the quick development of building industry and stanza water engineering etc., the our country high definition gathers the ethylene tube material market and will contain huge potential.But at the same time, the our country gathers the ethylene tube material appropriation to anticipate production to present card number not and together, and the specification unqualified set, with after gathering ethylene tube's production ability of the material to compare development Zhi, greatly the part still needs to be import.Compared with the abroad, our country the high definition gather an ethylene tube the development of the material the application still includes a bigger margin.So, on the other hand important and the trend of foreign development, and combine a local actual circumstance, the development is in keeping with state of the nation, economic practically accept to press the tube material appropriation to anticipate;On the other hand, the department concerned also supports strength to the policy of plastics pressure piping in response to the enlargement and push the development of related industry.